It's no secret how many people have set up shop as so-called "internet marketing companies". Turner Communications is proud to be one of the few firms in the overcrowded field that has actually been in business for more than 20 years. Turner Communications is the interactive development company of Backus Turner International.

Backus Turner International opened its doors in 1978 to provide marketing, advertising and public relations services to a select list of clientele. That list grew rapidly as did the agency. We have created worldwide brands that have become household words. We have developed start up concepts into major companies around the world. We have introduced new products and services that have set the standards in their respective industries. It's what we do best and we have the track record to prove it. And if a company is only as good as the company it keeps you need only to look at our list of experience.

Turner Communications was created in 1995 to provide a leadership role in the e-commerce business. We have been consulting and providing marketing services in the internet field ever since. We have also been creating web sites, testing web concepts, establishing partners, and developing sales and advertising programs, as well as high profile public relations programs. In other words, we have been immersed in the web business for quite some time. We embraced it and invested time, talent and resources to make us what we are today. One of the best and brightest internet companies in the business.

In 1992, Turner Communications was created. Our objective: to become a leader in the newborn business of e-commerce. We have been consulting and providing Internet marketing support services ever since. We have also been creating websites, testing web concepts, forging strategic alliances, and developing sales and advertising programs as well as high-profile public relations campaigns that promote e-retail, e-buying and e-selling. In other words, we have been immersed in the World Wide Web for quite some time. We embraced it when others were still scratching their heads, investing the time and talent to make us what we are today -- one of the best and brightest companies on today's e-commerce scene.

What makes us different than the mass of companies out there trying to do the same thing? Trying is a key word here. Traditional marketing and advertising firms didn't embrace the web...they actually ignored it. Many actually thought the web would be too much competition for their existing business so they also mocked it. Well Backus Turner didn't. We created Turner Communications and accepted web jobs for next to nothing just to get our feet wet. When other agencies were finally forced to confront the Internet, they did so by contracting out jobs to technicians. Instead we became the technicians and coupled our marketing and advertising experience with a medium we loved at first sight.

Today we marry the best of all worlds: solid experience, great concepts, creative minds, passion for the internet and all the opportunities it brings with the right mix of technology all under one roof. We also know that as much as we know technically about the Internet, there's something new happening every day. And, we planned for that too by establishing a network of e-commerce partners and affiliates that discuss these issues on a daily basis to assist each other's growth. E-commerce is a fast paced business and we are prepared to stay at the head of the pack.

If you want to know more simply walk through our doors.